Our driver can wait an extra couple of minutes for free, as soon as he knows you are there.

In case you do have problems with lost luggage or custom check, please contact your driver on the mobile phone number you have been advised. You can also call us on our emergency number(s).

Our suggestion is that you switch on your mobile as soon as landed. When coming from abroad, activation could take up to 15/20 minutes.

If your mobile phone doesn’t work, you can ask a desk clerk of your airline company to call us and they will help you.

If you realize that your check-out took more time than estimated once in the arrival area, you may not see your driver. Here is what to do: 1. stay in the terminal itself, close to the exit you used. Going all around the terminal or going out will not help at all. 2. look around you and try to find a gate number and/or a shop/café that would help us to locate you 3. try to contact the driver on his mobile phone, or alternatively on one of the phone numbers you have been given at the time we confirmed 4. alternatively, you can get some help from the Airport information desk. If not too busy, they will kindly contact us 5. once contact is established with one of our agents, this means that we will be providing service very soon